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General Partners:
Jeff Binder
Vin Bisceglia
Dave Fellows

About Genovation

Genovation was created with a vision to fill a void in the market…we saw the need to launch an investment firm focused on building innovative companies through a teamwork approach. We call it collaborative investing. An approach where our partnership works together to grow category leaders supported by the best and brightest talent in the industry yielding the highest returns for our investors.

Genovation invests in market leaders that are addressing significant opportunities. Ideas that will change the way that we communicate, collaborate and entertain ourselves. Genovation's investment team and its extended network of industry leaders bring a unique blend of industry experience that provides the foundation to yield real franchise technology companies.

How Genovation Invests

We focus on the CMI space...Communications, Media and Internet. Within these sectors we invest in hardware, software and services.

We consider ourselves partners with our portfolio company managers. Our collaborative approach ensures that management will have access to our combined resources, expansive personal networks and collective strategic advice.

Finding the best ideas while maintaining capital efficiency is the hallmark of Genovation's investment philosophy. The firm has a syndicated partnership network that allow us to invest in companies with market values in excess of $1 Billion.

Liquidity – Optimizing Returns

The issue and process of liquidity must be an active component throughout the life cycle of an investment. Evaluation of the liquidity opportunity begins with the diligence phase and is an active component of portfolio management. Our experience has proven that exit opportunities are best achieved through active guidance and positioning by management and directors.


Genovation Capital. Innovation Begins Here.